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Photo Light Therapy – Dee Why

Kalana Natural Rejuvenation Clinic is proud to offer our customers a premium Photo Light Therapy service in Dee Why, Northern Beaches.


What is Photo Light Therapy?

Photo Light Therapy uses colour wavelengths of visible light which have specific skin benefits. As a result of ageing, skin disorders or trauma, healthy skin cells are compromised and unable to renew themselves normally. Photo Light Therapy is a gentle, yet effective light treatment that can help you have smoother, more youthful looking skin over time. Fine wrinkles, brown spots, uneven colouring, and enlarged pores will gradually improve with a series of these relaxing treatments.

Red LED Light Therapy – working at a cellular level accelerating skin repair as is a medically-approved treatment for rosacea. The soothing, deep penetrating LED lights target deep into cells heightening their internal functions, photo-stimulating dermal blood flow for faster healing so your skin always looks rejuvenated. This increases natural hydration levels, reduced redness and inflammation, shrinks the appearance of pores, regulates oil production, improves circulation,

Blue LED Light Therapy –  specifically targets acne bacteria that cause acne lesions. By removing the bacteria, this treatment reduces active acne. The natural healing process is enhanced and the appearance of the skin is improved.

Green LED Light Therapy – Green LED Therapy is used to treat dilated capillaries, sagging skin around the eyes, under eye circles, hyperpigmentation and sun spots.

What aftercare should you use after photo light therapy?

Try and keep out of the sun or at least use proper sun protection for 48 hours and apply SPF,

How long does it take for photo light therapy to work?

The benefits of light therapy can be instant but it is also something that works better in a series of treatments

What skin types should try photo light therapy?

Light therapy is good for all skin types

Does photo light therapy hurt?

No, LED light therapy is completely non-invasive and does not hurt. All you’ll feel is a tiny bit of warmth.

Can you get a tan from light therapy?

No it doesn’t use UV light.

What are the side effects of phototherapy?

Side effects are uncommon but may include:

  •  skin burning (like a sunburn)


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